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What Is Causing My Car to Leak Oil While Parked in Mascoutah, IL?

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Car owners in Mascoutah, IL never want to see their car leak oil. This, however, can sometimes happen. The purpose of the oil in your car is to help reduce the friction in your engine. When your car is using high quality and clean oil, you can be assured that your car will be operating just fine. When your oil becomes contaminated, or in this case, when it leaks, it will not be able to stop the friction, which will cause damage and wearing to the components of your engine. Here we will be explaining some reasons why your car might be leaking oil.

The Most Common Signs and Reasons of Oil Leaks

One common reason your car might be leaking oil in Mascoutah, IL is that you have gone way too long without an oil change. You will know you have an oil leak going one whenever you see those greasy puddles under your car with brown liquid. You may not always find puddles as a sign of oil leakage, as many vehicles now have shielding underneath which will catch the oil before it falls on the ground, hiding the oil leak from you. Your next best way to know is when your low oil indicator shows up. You can also tell your car has an oil leak whenever there is oil covering your engine.

Common Causes

oil leak repair

There can be many causes of why oil is leaking from your car. One causes could be that your oil gaskets or pans are damaged. Your cars oil pans and gaskets can get damaged by debris since they are all under the engine. If you drive of rough roads often, it’s possible they can get damaged from driving on those. If your car has bad rings or valve seals, those can also be a cause of oil leaks. You will also know that is the cause when you smell burnt oil and blue smoke. This can cause considerable amounts of damage to your engine. Your oil leak can also be the cause of an incorrect installation. If a oil pan gasket or a valve cover gasket are not tightened enough, they can come loose and cause oil to leak through.

No matter what the cause was, it is important that you get your oil leak fixed as soon as possible. If you live in Mascoutah, IL and are looking for an auto repair company to help you get your oil leak fixed, give our team of professionals over at Full Circle Auto Service a call today!

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