Preventative Maintenance Fairview Heights, IL!

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5 Preventative Maintenance Tips For The Changing Seasons in Fairview Heights, IL! As the season’s change, so do the demands on your car. Fairview Heights, Illinois, swings from cold and snowy winters to warm and wet summers, and every season puts strain on vehicles that can lead to costly damage over time. These five preventative […]

Car Won’t Start – Car Tips for O’Fallon, IL Drivers

Car Won't Start O'Fallon IL

What You Should Do When Your Car Won’t Start? Few things are more frustrating than cranking the ignition and finding that your car won’t start. At best, it’s an inconvenience; you’re late for work or have to cancel your plans. At worst, it’s a safety issue because you are stranded somewhere you don’t want to […]

What’s in a Tune-Up?

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What exactly happens to my car during a tune-up? The term “tune-up” is an older, general term for improving the performance of your vehicle’s engine. While the process of a tune up has changed drastically as vehicles have evolved, the term still persists, and many people swear by the procedure for regular car maintenance. Older […]

How to Know You Need Shock and Strut Replacement in Shiloh, IL

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What Are the Symptoms of Bad Shocks and Struts? It’s not always easy to tell when your shocks and struts are starting to go bad. It’s something that tends to happen gradually, without any immediately obvious signs, and there aren’t any clear time or mileage milestones for when replacements are due. Consequences of Driving with […]

Best Auto Maintenance for High-Mileage Vehicles in Fairview Heights, IL

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Auto Maintenance Tips for your High-Mileage Vehicle High-mileage vehicles are considered to be automobiles with over 100,000 miles on them. Most of these vehicles are old as the new factories prefer to manufacture vehicles with fewer mileages, which calls for frequent auto services. For better services from a high mileage vehicle, it should be maintained […]

Benefits of a Multi-Point Inspection for your Automobile

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Keep your Mascoutah, IL Vehicle at Peak Performance with a Multi-Point Inspection When it comes to auto maintenance, a multi-point vehicle inspection can spot small problems before they turn into major repairs. Here at our Mascoutah, IL auto shop our team of fully licensed and bonded auto maintenance pros have the skills and experience it […]

What Type of Tires do I Need in Lebanon, IL?

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Factors to Consider When Deciding the Type of Tires you Need in Lebanon, IL The condition of your tires has a significant impact on your driving safety. Bald tires put at considerable risk while driving, and therefore, it is imperative to replace them with new ones at the right time. Although buying car tires is […]

Reasons an Engine Overheating in Shiloh Illinois

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Why Is My Engine Overheating in Shiloh Illinois? When a car is overheating, that’s a serious problem, and ignoring it might cause you a great deal of your money for expensive repairs later. If your engine is overheating, deal with it right away and seek the expertise of an engine service provider. There are several […]

Everything to Know About Auto Water Pumps in O’Fallon, Illinois

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Automotive: All About Auto Water Pumps in O’Fallon, Illinois An auto water pump, also known as a coolant pump, is the center of the cooling system of an engine. It is the role of a water pump to control the flow rate of the coolant and to circulate the coolant constantly over the cooling system […]