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Jumping Starting Your Car Battery Quickly in Lebanon, IL

Auto Repair

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You go out to your car to get where you need to be. But then you try unlocking your car with your remote and you can’t get it to work. You then get into your car using your key and you find you are unable to get your car running. Then you realize that you left your lights on. Has this happened to you in Lebanon, IL? Here we will be discussing how to quickly jumpstart your car using jumper cables so you can get to where you need to be.

Before Getting Started

In order to jumpstart your car, you will need to find someone with a functioning car who is willing to assist you and a set of jumper cables. Typically, the pest cables you can use are shorter ones as the longer ones often take longer to jump your car. You also should get about a gauge six cable for your car as that is the standard size. You can find a pair of jumper cables fairly cheap at your local store and they are worth having on you at all times in your car.

Before attempting to jumpstart your car, make sure you are in a safe area with no small children near the engine of either vehicle. You should also be sure that your car can support a jump start. It’s good to research this beforehand but if you are confused, try checking in the manual. If all this is well, then you can start jumping your battery.

Jumping A Car Battery

Make sure that you have both vehicles positioned near each other. These vehicles also need to be turned off and the parking brakes need to be set. When you are connecting the clamps, clamp one red clamp on the positive of the dead battery, then attach the other red clamp to the other positive of the working battery. Attach the black clamp to the negative terminal of the dead battery, then attach the other black clamp to a cleaned nut or bolt that is on the engine. Start up the working vehicle and let it run for a few seconds. You can then start the vehicle with the dead battery, and it should turn on after all that.

Be sure to disconnect the black jumper cables before disconnecting the red ones. Once all is said and done, take your car for a ride around the block or wherever you want to go to assist with recharging the battery.

Dead Car Battery

This process may not always work and in those cases, there may be more underlying issues with your battery or other components of your car. If you are not sure what this problem is and need some assistance getting your car back on the road, call our team of experts over at Full Circle Auto Service a call today.

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