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Knowing the Signs Its Time for A Car Tune Up in Collinsville, IL

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For different people, a car tune up can mean different things. Some see an auto tune up as simply having your vehicle checked up on, while others see it as an engine tune-up. Are you the owner of a vehicle in Collinsville, IL and are not sure if it’s time for a tune up? We will go over auto tune ups here, explain what they are, and what you need to look for when determining when it’s time to get one.

engine tuning

Getting A Car Tune Up

Tune up services are split into two processes; inspecting the vehicle and the actual tune up. During the inspection, technicians will take a look at the components of your vehicle’s engine’s fuel system to see if the fuel filter is clean and unclogged. They will also make sure the fuel injector is clean and there is no damage to the fuel pump. Other things technicians will check for during the inspection include checking the oil and coolant levels, checking the appearance and performance of your spark plugs, and air filters, looking at the engine’s PCV value, and checking ignition time. The tune up service varies on the results of the inspection process. To make sure your engine gets the right proportion of spark, air, and fuel, it may need to have the cap, spark plugs, PCU valve, wires, rotor, fuel filters, oil, or air replaced.

Signs Its Time for A Tune Up

Knowing these warning signs can help you get your vehicle straight into the shop when it’s time for a tune up. Some of the most common signs include the following:

  • Constant Fueling: Have you noticed that your vehicle has been needing fuel a lot more frequently than it used to, wasting your time and money? Bring your car to a shop and find out what is going on.
  • Brake Issues: Having problems with your vehicle’s brakes can be a safety hazard not just for you but for everybody else on the road. If your brake pedal feels off or you hear any scraping sounds when you apply your brakes, have them looked at.
  • Stalling: If you notice that your vehicle lags whenever you are trying to accelerate, do not hesitate to get your vehicle looked at. Stalling can be dangerous out on the road in Collinsville, IL.
  • Engine Lights: If you see your check engine lights illuminated on your dashboard you should not ignore them. Have your vehicle examined for issues right away.
  • Hard Shifting: Gear-shifting should be an easy process thanks to your automatic transmission system. If you are having issues shifting gear in your vehicle, have it looked at.
  • Strange Vibrations: If your vehicle vibrates or shakes when you brake, steer, or do anything else in it, have it looked at right away. This can have several causes that should not be ignored.

To-dos’ During a Car Tune Up

engine services

Car tune ups are crucial for extending the life of your vehicle. It keeps your vehicle working in top shape and saves you money on other regular services. One of the first things a technician will check is the ignition. They will make sure the electrical components are working optimally. During a checkup, a technician will check the filter to ensure no contaminating particles can get through to your vehicle’s important components. The level of important fluids like engine oil and power steering fluids are checked during the tune up and will be replaced or topped off if needed. The belts and hoses of the vehicle are also looked at as well and are replaced if needed.

If you live in the Collinsville IL, area and are looking for a company that can assist you with an auto tune up, give our team of expert technicians over at Full Circle Auto Service a call today.

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