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What Should I Do If My Car Is Overheating In O’Fallon, Illinois?


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If you are experiencing your car overheating, this can lead to some quite serious issues. There are many different factors and theories as to why your car may be acting this way. If you are unsure of how to approach your overheating car, it is best to know different tips on how to pinpoint the true cause. Over the years of serving the O’Fallon, IL area we have found some tips and possible reasons as to why cars overheat.

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Engine Cooling System:

One of the most common signs that your car may be overheating is that your air conditioner isn’t working. During the winter times, this isn’t easy to pinpoint, however in those warm summer months when all you want is a blast of cool air, it is extremely noticeable. If this happens to you where your temperature gauge has moved to the hotter side, you should not be driving your car. Don’t be too alarmed, your car will not explode but, driving an overheating car can cause pretty serious damage. One of the best things to do is pull over and deal with the situation right away instead of risking more expensive repairs further down the line.

There Could Be A Leak:

If your antifreeze levels are always low, there could possibly be a leak in your cooling system. This leak could cause your car to overheat. The best thing for you to do is make an appointment with us right away. Our trained professionals will be able to track down the leak and repair your car in the best way. Taking your car right away to be fixed will save you a lot of money down the line.

Other Causes:

If you notice that your water levels are normal, there could be more of a serious issue with your engine. It could be quite possible that there is an internal leak, debris in the coolant, or even a possible blocked radiator. If this could be the case, it is best that you bring your car to an auto mechanic as soon as you can. We will be able to track down any issues you may find to help prevent more expensive repairs down the road.

What If My Car Is Overheating?

If you know for sure that your car is overheating, there are certain steps you can take to try and cool it down. Even with these steps, we highly recommend you bringing your car into our shop to let us have a look at it. By doing this, it will save you money in the long run.

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Turn Off Your AC:

Running your air conditioner is already a lot on your engine, especially if it is overheating. It is best that you shut off your air conditioner so that it isn’t working overtime while overheated to keep it running.

Crank Up The Heat!

This may seem like a mistake but turning the heat on in your car can cool the engine down.  This may not be the best when it is a hot summer day but getting that hot air out of the engine and into the car will make a huge difference.

Pull Over and Open the Hood

Being able to pull over and open your hood will release any heat that is stuck in your car. The heat will be able to circulate throughout the hot engine. When doing this though, we highly recommend doing this with caution. Opening the hood of an overheated car will tend to blow out any hot steam that was trapped within the hood.

Count On Us To Help!

We understand that if this does happen to you, this can be a quite scary situation. With this in mind, our trusted and trained team at Full Circle Auto is here to help you in any single way that we can. We offer excellent service that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Taking your car to a mechanic as soon as these lights do come on can save you so much more money in the long run. Give us a call today!

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