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What Should I Do If My Battery Light Comes On In Fairview Heights Illinois?

Battery Light

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Even though it can be easy to do with many lights that pop on the dash of our car, ignoring your batter light should not be something you should do with such ease. If you see this specific light come on, it does mean that the vehicle is relying on the stored battery to continue to power all of the electronic components. Sadly, seeing this light means that your car only has a little distance left before it dies due to the lack of elect. If you find yourself in this certain situation, take a deep breath, stay calm, and go over the certain steps you should take in order to get your car safely to repairs.

Can The Battery Light Be Checked?

When you start your car, there is cycling between the off, run, and start positions. This is where the charging system will then do a self-check. When you do start your engine, the indicator light should stay on for one to two seconds and then shut off right after. If this light turns off after the two-second mark, then this means the charging system is functioning properly. If the indicator light does stay on or continues to turn on and off automatically while your car is running, this means that there could be a possible problem.

When Should I Get My Car Repaired?

Since your car relies on a reliable supply of electricity in order to power all of the electrical parts of your car, this isn’t a problem that can just resolve over time while ignoring it. If you are able to, bring your vehicle in for a repair as soon as possible to resolve the matter. Whatever time that you are driving, once that light turns on, get it checked as soon as you see a mechanical shop insight.

car malfunction

I Don’t See A Mechanical Shop Near Me:

Are you in a part of the Fairview Heights, IL area that does not have an auto shop? If you are in need of more time and are not around a shop, turn off all of your un-needed devices that you don’t need to run your car. This means your air conditioner or your heater, the radio, your phone charger, or anything else that does not have to be turned on in order for your car to run properly. Even with this, your car may only have a few miles before your engine does die. If you do not see a mechanic shop in sight, pull your car over safely and call a towing company.

Keep An Eye Out For The Temperature Light

With this in mind, your battery light should also be accompanied by your temperature light. Like we have said before, it is very crucial that you refrain from any and all activity with the car as best as you possibly can. The belt that powers the alternator is also often shared with the water pump. If your water pump does fail to function, the engine will then overheating which will result in major damage and very expensive repairs.


Count On Us To Help!

We understand that if this does happen to you, this can be a quite scary situation. With this in mind, our trusted and trained team at Full Circle Auto is here to help you in any single way that we can. We offer excellent service that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Taking your car to a mechanic as soon as these lights do come on saves you so much money in the long run. Give us a call today!

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