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Which Tires are Best for my Car in Fairview Heights IL?


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For more car owners, they have all had to replace their tires at some point in time. Depending on how long they’ve had them, how many miles the car has driven, and other forms of damage that could happen while on the road. Even if the tires are brand new once you drive your car off the lot, there is a constant risk of running over a potential nail or even a blowout on the highway. It is quite essential to be aware of these possibilities and to always be prepared on choosing the best tires for you and your car.

Knowing the Kind of Tires for Your Car Mileage.

Tire life is determined by different factors such as driving habits, climate, road conditions, and elevation. On average. Mileage can range from standard all-season tires that are 40,000 to 80,000 miles. Typically, manufacturers will then estimate how long a tire should last based on their certain testing. It is then crucial that you know which factors that you are needing to take into account for your own needs. Ask yourself these questions. Do you drive every single day? Do you travel far to work or other places? The bottom line is, if you are planning to put a lot of mileage on your tires, you should consider that when buying tires.

If you drive long distances on a regular basis, you may want to consider all-season and performance tires. These will generally last at least 65,000 miles. Tires with longer lifespans are made to be more durable are an excellent choice. Meaning you will not have to check them regularly. You will also always want to check ratings before buying tires.

Rain Affecting Your Tires


Driving in the rain can be scary for most people. The possibility of hydroplaning, along with vision impairment can make for a pretty scary situation. Being in the summertime season that we are in now, rain happens more often than in other months of the year.  Rain can cause reduced grip and contact between the tires and the road. Braking distances can double, and the ability to steer around obstacles can also be affected. If your tires are older, that can create even more of a hazard in rainy conditions. As these tires wear, their ability to handle wet braking and hydroplaning will decline.

Rotating Your Tires

One final tip for knowing about your car’s tires is when you need to rotate them. Rotating your tires is an excellent way to even out their wear and even extend their lifespans. It is always recommended that you have your tires rotated by an auto repair specialist every 5,000, to 10,000 miles.

At Full Circle, the team wants you to feel completely confident on the road, and also when choosing your tires. If you have any questions concerning tires or about the best ones for your car, give us a call today!

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