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Preparing Your Belleville, IL Car for A Road Trip

Road Trip

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If you are planning any last-minute summer trips this year, you should always be prepared before you leave. Here are some things you should check your car for before you leave your Belleville, IL home to go on your road trip.

Common Road Trip Planning Questions

While you are planning your trip, you might want to ask yourself a couple of questions. How long do you expect to drive in a day? How many miles are you planning on driving in your car? What do you do if your car breaks down? Can your car handle the condition it will endure on the road trip? Is your car ready to go on your trip? Make sure to have the answers to these questions.

Performing General Maintenance Before You Go

Performing general maintenance of your car before you leave could save you a lot of trouble down the road. Make sure your light bulbs are working so you’re not left in the dark. Replace your brake pads if any of them are wearing out. Make sure your air filters are working. Ensure your seat belts are working as they should so you don’t get hurt or pulled over. It’s also always important to check on the health of your car battery before you go. By performing maintenance on your car and making sure every part of your car is working optimally, you can ensure your trip will be a safe one.

Checking Your Tires

It is important to check the overall condition of your tires before you leave. Check air pressure and rotation in each tire. Also, make sure that the wheel alignment looks good. Having to change a tire while you’re on your trip is no fun.

Checking Your Fluids

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Make sure that all the essential fluids you need to have in your car are filled up. Check your brake, transmission and power steering fluids. Also, be sure to check on your engine oil and coolant. It would also not hurt to make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid in case you need it. Running out of just one of these fluids in your car could cause your car to break down on your trip.

If you need help while doing some maintenance on your car, give our expert team over at Full-Circle Auto Service a call today. We are here to serve the residents of the Belleville, IL area with all of their automotive repair needs.

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