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Check These Fluids on a Regular Basis for Your Vehicle

regular auto fluid checks in o'fallon il

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Whether driving to work, part of work, or for fun, vehicle safety is always at the core of every move that drivers make. It is of profound importance to ensure that the motor is running smoothly and reliably. The vehicle comes with an auto maintenance manual that should be followed. Some of the simple maintenance issues that most people tend to ignore can result in injuries or accident. Therefore, it is important to do fluid checks on your vehicle.


Fluid checks keeps everything running smoothly in a car. The rule of thumb dictates that you should check your oil engine once a month and change it every six months unless your car manual provides a differing auto maintenance schedule. However, to avoid worrying and forgetting the rule, it is crucial to check it and oil change regularly.

auto coolant fluid in o'fallon il


It is the fluid that aids in keeping your car's engine temperature under control. It is composed of 50% ethylene glycol and 50% bottled water. The importance of using ethylene glycol is for the fact that it does not freeze at 32 degrees like water. Some vehicles have a telling light that will illuminate on the dashboard to indicate that the level of coolant is too low. Nevertheless, it is your duty as a driver to check the coolant level often. Lack of coolant will hinder the ability of the car to cool, which may cause the air pocket to become stuck in the engine or around the thermostat.

Wiper fluid

It is a cleaning liquid used to wash the dirt away from the windshield. It is usually stored in a plastic reservoir in the engine bay. Lack of the wiper fluid does not cause mechanical damage to the vehicle, but you will not be able to use the sprayers to clean the windshield. A dirty windshield will hinder you from seeing through which may lead to an accident. Therefore, it is important to keep the wiper fluid topped off.

wiper fluids in o'fallon illinois

The safety of your car should be your ultimate goal. When going through the vehicle checklist, remember to check on the fluids also. When around O'Fallon, Illinois, you can check into the Full Circle Auto Service, which is an auto shop that has been serving in the area for more than years now for all your vehicle fluid services.

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