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Does My Car Need An Auto Air Conditioning Check-Up This Year?

air conditioning checkup shiloh illinois

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Now that spring is in the air, you are likely to see signs advertising ‘A/C’ tune-ups at various auto shops around Shiloh, IL. If you haven’t had any service on your auto air conditioning, they make you wonder whether your car needs an auto air conditioning check-up this year. The answer is twofold and is dependent on your vehicle’s age and how well your A/C is currently working.

auto air conditioning repair shiloh il

Can You Skip an Annual A/C Check-up?

In reality, your car's auto air conditioning system is on a closed loop, which means that it is tough for anything to get inside of it. Most mechanics are not authorized or knowledgeable to open the loop. Thus, what they mean when they advertise an annual A/C check-up is that they want to top off your car's refrigerant. Interestingly enough, because the system is closed, the coolant does not escape. This means that unless you have a leak in the system and your A/C is only blowing warm air, you don't need a 'top-off.'

It is also worth noting that most auto repair shops are not able to tell how much refrigerant is in the system at any given time because of the need for specialized equipment. Therefore, when they recharge or top it off, the auto shop is just making an educated guess. If your system is blowing cold air just fine, then it may be a good idea to keep driving past those auto repair signs in Shiloh, IL.

auto air conditioning maintenance shiloh il

When Should You Take Your Car in for Auto Maintenance on the A/C?

However, in some instances, it may be wise to take your car in for auto maintenance on the A/C. For example, if you notice that the A/C is blowing warm air, this can be a sign of a leak or debris clogging the line. Another sign of a leak is if the defroster is not able to clear fogged-up windows, which can happen at any time of the year. In most cars, the auto air conditioning system will shut off automatically if the refrigerant level is too low so that the A/C compressor is not harmed. Thus, if warm air starts blowing, this is a sign that auto maintenance is necessary. The sooner you address the problem, the less likely long-term issues will have a chance to arise.

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