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What to Do If You Have Been Notified of an Auto Recall?

auto recall in o'fallon il

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Auto Recall Tips O'Fallon Illinois

Design and manufacturing defects are two types of malfunctions that lead to an auto recall. Design defects pertain to cars that have designs that are not as safe as they should be. Manufacturing defects relates to vehicles that have parts that are incorrectly assembled or installed. Design and manufacturing defects make cars unsafe, which could lead to accidents and injuries. Is your vehicle part of a recall? If you receive a recall statement for your vehicle, here’s what you need to do.

auto recall notification in o'fallon illinois

Receiving a Recall Statement

You may obtain a recall notification through postal mail, and sometimes email if you registered to receive updates about your vehicle from the manufacturer. If you don't receive information regarding a recall, you can check your vehicle's recall status online using its vehicle identification number (VIN). If you receive a statement in the mail, you will be informed about who you need to contact regarding repairs and information about replacing your vehicle, if applicable. If your car exceeds ten years old, you could pay out-of-pocket for repairs.

Having the Necessary Repairs Made

Check the recall letter for information regarding auto service, auto repairs, etc. for your vehicle. The recall letter gives you information regarding the auto shop you need to contact and schedule an appointment, which will be your local authorized auto shop in O’Fallen, IL. If you are like many drivers, when it comes to auto services, you are concerned about the cost of repairs.

The good news is the manufacturer covers most expenses for repairs. Whether you purchased your vehicle new or used, the manufacturer is responsible for making the necessary repairs to improve your vehicle’s safety according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). If you paid for your vehicle’s repairs, you could be eligible for reimbursement. You are responsible for paying for repairs that are not part of your vehicles recall.

auto part recall in o'fallon il

Looking at the Facts

In 2016, over 53 million cars were recalled. In 2017, the number of vehicles recalled plummeted to 30 million but increased to over 32 million in 2018. Some people are under the impression vehicle recalls are not serious, but they are. The recalls for your car can make your vehicle unsafe to drive and put you in danger of injuring yourself and other drivers.

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