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Why is My Shiloh, IL Car Leaking Oil When It’s Parked?

oil leak

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It is said that changing the oil is the most important thing that you can do to take care of your vehicle as a Shiloh, IL car owner. However, it is something that many car owners delay, and the results of procrastination can be dire. The purpose of oil is to help cut down on the friction within your engine. Using high-quality clean oil allows for your engine’s components to work well without rubbing together.  Over time, oil can become contaminated and end up becoming dirty. When this happens, it loses its ability to prevent friction, causing engine parts to wear each other down. An oil leak can occur, you know that you may have procrastinated an oil change a little too long.

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Signs of Oil Leaks

One way to know that you have gone too long without an oil change is when oil is leaking from your engine. An easy-to-tell sign that you need an oil change is seeking an oil leak spot underneath where your car was parked. These spots typically are a puddle of greasy-looking brown liquid. They commonly appear after your car has been parked for a while.

Another sign you may have an oil leak is if your low oil indicator light is on. This may seem like a no-brainer; however, most cars nowadays have shielding underneath, which usually catches any oil leaks before they hit the ground.  So, if your low oil indicator light comes on, this could be a sign of trouble. So make sure you get your oil looked at as soon as possible.

Another sign that you are having an issue with your oil is when your engine is covered in oil. Open your hood every so often and check your vehicle’s fluids. This will help you see if you are experiencing an oil leak or if you need to get your vehicle’s oil looked at. Usually, if the oil is on your engine, you will be able to smell it as it burns on the surface of your car’s hot engine.

What Causes Oil Leaks?

The most common explanation for oil leaks is that you have old, dirty oil that is in desperate need of an oil change. Below we have mentioned other causes of oil leaks.

Bad Valve Seals & Rings

Leaking valve seals or rings can be a contributing factor in why your vehicle is losing oil. If there aren’t any holes in your vehicle’s gaskets, the oil will not make it to leaking outside of the engine. You will not notice this leak as the oil would get burnt up by the engine.

car leaks

Incorrect Installation

A common explanation for why your engine is leaking oil is that one of the gaskets may have been improperly installed. A common explanation for this is that the valve cover gasket or oil pan gasket has been over-tightened. It can happen when the tightness is not evenly distributed. Another reason for a leak could be the incorrect attachment of the oil filter. This filter is what the engine’s oil flows continuously through, and if it’s loose, can easily cause a leak.

Damaged Oil Pans or Gaskets

Road debris can easily damage your car’s oil gaskets and pans as they are located at the bottom of the engine. Roads that are rough can lead to holes which can cause an oil pan leak to occur. The pan’s gasket usually suffers a ton of wear and tear over time and can become damaged. This also is another way that oil can leak out of your vehicle.

Regardless of your vehicle’s specific cause of oil leak, it is vital that you get it checked out. If you have any questions or want to learn more information about oil leaks, we at Full Circle Auto Service are here to help. We are here to serve the Shiloh, IL area with all of their automotive needs!

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