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Why Does My Vehicle Have an Oil Leak?

oil leak

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It is often stated that changing your Shiloh, IL vehicle’s oil is the single most important thing that you can do. However, it is something that vehicle owners typically procrastinate on doing. The purpose of oil is to cut down on the friction that occurs within your engine. When you have clean & high-quality oil, it means that your components are working well and are not rubbing together. However, the oil can become contaminated over time, which then disrupts the flow in your engine. This can cause you potential issues including erosion and mechanical failings.

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Common Signs of Oil Leaks

A way to determine that you have gone too far without getting an oil change is by seeing oil leaking from your engine. One of the most typical signs of an oil leak is by seeing a puddle of brown greasy-looking liquid underneath your vehicle. In most vehicles today, there can be a shielding underneath which can catch oil before it hits the ground. This could end up hiding a major oil leak from you. So another sign that you are low on oil is that the low oil level indicator is on.

What is Causing My Oil Leak?

There are several signs of an oil leak including damaged oil pans or gaskets, incorrect installation, and even bad rings or valve seals. Each of these can cause your car some serious damage when it comes to the oil level.

  • Damaged Oil Pans or Gaskets

Your car’s oil pans and gaskets can become damaged easily due to road debris since they are located at the bottom of the engine. Roads that are rough can lead to holes that cause oil pan leaks. The pan’s gasket typically suffers a lot of wear and tear damage, which also leads to an oil leak.

  • Incorrect Installations

This issue can happen from time to time when the gasket that keeps the oil is improperly installed. Commonly this occurs when the pan gasket or valve cover gasket is over tightened. This can also happen when the tightness is not evenly distributed. Another reason can also be the improper attachment of the oil filter. This is because the engine oil flows continuously through it and if lit is loose, a leak will form.

  • Bad Valve Seals or Rings
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Leaking valve seals or rings can also be a factor as to why your vehicle is losing oil. However, if there are no holes in the gaskets the oil will not make it to outside of the engine, so you may not notice it. It also will get burned up in the combustion process, possibly causing a burnt oil smell.

No matter what issue causes the leak, if you notice that your vehicle has an oil leak, you need to get it fixed right away. Contact our team at Full Circle Auto Service today to get this taken care of efficiently!

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