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Ways to Know Your Car Exhaust System is Working in Shiloh, IL

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How Car Exhaust System Works

Your car exhaust system is critical to the overall performance of your vehicle. Keeping your car exhaust in good condition helps to reduce harmful emissions, improve fuel economy, and cut down on noise. Here at Full Circle Auto Service in Shiloh, IL, our team has the experience to keep your car exhaust in like-new condition.

Main Functions of Your Car Exhaust System

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Many drivers believe their car exhaust simply filters harmful emissions from their engine. However, the fact is that your car exhaust system actually has a few major functions:

1) Improve Performance and Fuel Economy
Your exhaust system pulls exhaust gases out from the engine and away from your vehicle. This helps to optimize the fuel economy and overall performance. Most late-model cars have oxygen sensors built into the car exhaust. This monitors how much oxygen is in the exhaust, and adjust oxygen intake as needed.

2) Limit Noise

One of the main components of every car exhaust system is the muffler. The muffler works to dampen the sound of your engine, helping to improve driver comfort while reducing noise pollution.

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3) Filter Out Harmful Emissions
All gasoline-powered engines emit three toxic gases; nitrogen oxide, nitrogen monoxide, and carbon monoxide. These gases are collected in a funnel-shaped part called an exhaust manifold. These divers all the engine exhaust into a single outlet pipe.

The toxic gases are then forced through the catalytic converter. There they are converted to inert gases before being discharged into the environment.

Major Components

Exhaust systems include a number of components that can vary from vehicle-to-vehicle. On most gas-powered cars, vans, and trucks you’ll find the following:

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is a metal part that links the engine with the rest of the exhaust system. The manifold is often made of cast iron, and there are individual tubes that connect with each engine cylinder. All of the tubes merge together to direct the exhaust through the manifold out through a single outlet pipe.

Catalytic Converter

Right behind the exhaust manifold is the catalytic converter. This is a rectangular-shaped part that contains the oxygen sensor. It also has a power cord to connect the sensor with the on-board computer.

The catalytic converter contains a honeycomb-shaped filter made from heat-resistant ceramic that’s filled with precious metals such as platinum. These metals cause a chemical reaction with the gases from the engine. They reduce the toxic emissions produced by the vehicle.


The resonator often called the secondary muffler, is a narrow metal cylinder. It links the catalytic converter with the rear portion of the exhaust system. The resonator works like a small echo chamber. It will reduce and regulate the sound waves created by the engine while helping to improve fuel economy.


The muffler is the largest and most recognized component in a car exhaust system. Mufflers contain a series of hollow, perforated tubes that are designed to deflect the sound waves.

The main function of a muffler is noise control. Although mufflers are also used to enhance overall engine performance by removing exhaust gases as quickly as possible. This is why high-performance cars often have dual mufflers and/or over-sized mufflers.

Common Car Exhaust Problems

As with many systems on your vehicle, rust and corrosion can quickly damage your exhaust system. In the early stages of deterioration, rust can create small holes throughout the muffler and connecting pipes. This leads to an overall decrease in engine performance along with increased noise and odors.

Another common issue with vehicle exhaust systems is the rusting of the hangers. When these hangers rust, they can fail, allowing the exhaust system to hang low while warping the connecting points.

Faulty oxygen sensors can also lead to poor engine performance such as trouble starting the engine, rough idle, and a lack of engine power. A bad oxygen sensor will also impact fuel consumption and cause the check engine light to illuminate.

Comprehensive Car Exhaust Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

If you’ve noticed a decrease in fuel economy, your car exhaust system may need attention.

Here at Full Circle Auto Service, our team of ASE-certified auto repair experts provides fast, affordable car exhaust service. We can quickly diagnose the problem. We’ll also provide you with a clear up-front estimate, and complete the required repairs with the right auto parts. Contact us today to book your appointment with our Shiloh, IL auto repair experts.

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