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Improving Your Car’s Fuel-Efficiency in Belleville, IL

Fuel Efficiency

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One thing that is important for any driver living in Belleville, IL to do is to improve their car’s fuel efficiency. Gas can get expensive so having to spend money on gas less frequently would be apricated by all drivers. Many drivers, however, are not sure how they can improve their car’s fuel efficiency. Here we wanted to give some tips for ways that you can get the most out of your mileage when you are in your car.

Using The Manufactures Recommended Grade Oil

Many drivers in Belleville, IL may not know there are currently 11 grades of motor oils in the United States. While there are a lot of choices, it is important that you stick to your car’s manufacturer’s recommendation on which grad oil to use. This can help increase your gas mileage by 2%.

Keep Tires Maintained

Ensuring that your car’s tires are inflated to the correct amount is a good way to increase your fuel efficiency. By ensuring your tire pressure is correct, you can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 3%. Whenever you stop for gas, you can check your tire pressure and fill them up if you need to with a portable pump, or a tire air pump if the gas station has one.

Wheel Misalignment

If your wheel is misaligned, it can reduce your gas mileage by about 10%! You can tell your wheel is misaligned if your car is steered to the left or right on its own. If you notice your wheel is misaligned, you need to have your car looked at right away.

Simple and Regular Maintenance


One of the best ways you can ensure that your car has good fuel efficiency is by performing regular maintenance on it. By replacing your transmission fluid, and spark plugs, and by cleaning the air filters, you can greatly improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Failing to regularly upkeep your car can be the reason that your fuel efficiency is so low, it can even lead to more issues. Always remember to have your car regularly serviced to ensure that it is running as it should be.

These are not the only ways that you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. If you have any more questions on how you can get the best mileage out of your car or need it looked at in Belleville, IL, give our team of experts over at Full Circle Auto Service a call today!

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