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Components of Your Vehicle That Fail When Your Radiator Goes Bad Fairview Heights, IL

bad radiator effects on vehicle Fairview Heights, IL

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radiator going bad in car Fairview Heights, IL

The radiator is an important component of your vehicle as it dissipates heat that builds up within the cooling system. As the coolant goes through the radiator, the walls of the passageways within will begin to grow a thick layer of scale. If there is any debris going through the cooling system, it will also cause blockages in your radiator tubes. If you know your radiator is going bad in your car, have it looked at by your local auto repair professionals in Fairview Heights, IL. You may be able to tell your radiator is going bad because as it does, some components of your vehicle will also start to fail. Here we want to go into those components and why they fail when your radiator goes bad.

Water Pump

The water pump in your vehicle uses an impeller to keep coolant moving through the cooling system’s passageways and hoses. The impeller is almost always made of a plastic material. This can lead to the impeller receiving damage whenever any debris breaks away from the radiator. The plastic parts can also receive damage from the high temperatures of uncooled coolant. This can lead to parts of the impeller to break off and causing more blockages of the coolant.

The Thermostat

All engine size and configurations have their own ideal temperature when running. In order to control the temperature, there is a thermostat that sits right at the end of the top hose. It will help keep the coolant in the engine block until it’s needed to help cool the radiator. After achieving the ideal temperature, the thermostat will open and let the cooling system flow freely. If the radiator is broken it can cause enough pressure on the thermostat to break it, which can lead to your engine overheating. If you ever find your engine overheating, do not get on the roads of Fairview Heights, IL. Instead, have your vehicle looked at by auto repair professionals.

Fairview Heights, IL vehicle radiator replacement or repair

Heater Core

The heater core has a tubing network similar to the radiator that produces hot air for the heating system. If there are any debris or scales breaking off from the radiator, they could end up stuck in the tubing of the heater core. This will cause excessive pressure to build up which will likely break your heater core. Some signs the heater core is broken is your windows fog up or your floorboards feel wet.

If you live in Fairview Heights, IL, and have a failing radiator, give our team of auto repair professionals at Full Circle Auto Service a call today!

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