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3 Reasons Why an Engine Oil Change is Important for Your Fairview Heights, IL Vehicle

Engine Oil

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One of the most important parts of good car care is making sure the car’s engine oil is changed in a timely manner. Your Fairview Heights, IL vehicles engine is a complex piece of machinery that is made up of thousands of different parts. The oil ends up helping the parts stay lubricated which prevents wear and tear on this vital component of your vehicle.

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Over time, this oil will get dirty, and as a result dust, dirt, and other debris can start to accumulate within it. If you have dirty engine oil it can be hazardous as it fails to do its job properly, possibly causing more risks down the road. We have listed several reasons why an oil change is important down below:

Engine Oil Protects Against Corrosion

Your vehicle’s engine is highly susceptible to corrosion from the elements. The engine oil helps provide a natural protective coating, which prevents moisture, dirt, dust, and other corrosive particles from attacking. However, your engine can begin to break down and become contaminated with moisture, carbon compound, and even unburnt fuel from the engine. This is why a regular replacement of oil is essential in order to keep your engine protected from corrosion.

Prevents Wear and Tear Damage

As we have already mentioned, your vehicle’s engine is made up of thousands of parts. These parts tend to move and rub up against each other at high speeds. This can generate a ton of friction, which quickly wears out the engine’s parts. This is especially true if there is no oil that can help with lubricating these parts. This is why ensuring that you get your vehicle’s oil changed is essential. Otherwise, you could have more problems than just a little wear and tear to your vehicle’s engine.

Engine Oil Keeps the Engine Free of Debris

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The frequent friction that can come from various parts inside of the engine can result in metal shavings being collected. If there is no engine oil, these shavings can remain stuck in the engine parts and can cause some serious damage. This oil helps remove the metallic shavings from this crucial part of your vehicle. It also helps ensure that dust and dirt does not get stuck on the parts inside of the engine.  This is why ensuring you have clean oil helps maintain your car at its peak level of performance.

If you are in need of an oil change or have questions about your vehicle’s engine, then give our team at Full Circle Auto Services a call today! Our team is here to ensure that your car is running as smoothly as it can.

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