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Reasons an Engine Overheating in Shiloh Illinois

engine overheating in shiloh illinois

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Why Is My Engine Overheating in Shiloh Illinois?

When a car is overheating, that’s a serious problem, and ignoring it might cause you a great deal of money for expensive repairs later. If your engine is overheating, deal with it right away and seek the expertise of an engine service provider. There are several causes why a car overheats, and it means something is preventing heat from getting absorbed, transported, and released from the engine compartment. Below are the reasons why your auto engine is overheating:

man looking at overheating engine shiloh, illinois

Coolant Circulation
If the water/antifreeze mixture ratio is off or you have the wrong coolant in your vehicle, your engine will overheat. Check the coolant regularly even when there are no leaks and also because it can evaporate after a long time, especially during the hot season. Flushing your cooling system after some time is a wise decision.

Leaks In The Cooling System
Any Leaks in any of these parts of the cooling system, whether it's the radiator, hoses, thermostat housing, head gasket, water pump, freeze plugs, or heater core, your engine will overheat. If you identify or suspect a leak in the cooling system, don't wait for the problem to turn into a serious one, seek auto repair services.

Blocked Hoses

Dirt or sediment can get into your coolant and block the flow of the mixture through the hoses. Once again, flushing the system and refilling your coolant with the fluid is the right course of action.

Radiator Problems

Besides leaks, your radiator might have other problems such as clogs and fan problems, which will prevent proper heat release from your car, causing it to overheat. It is advisable to take your car for engine repair, and a mechanic expert will diagnose and identify the radiator problem and repair it.

Bad Thermostat

A thermostat allows the coolant to pass through to the radiator. If your thermostat is stuck in the closed location, the coolant will not pass through again, and the engine will overheat. A bad thermostat is one of the engine overheating causes, and you should consider auto repair expertise if you doubt or identify the problem with your thermostat.

mechanic looking at overheating engine in shiloh, illinois

Water Pump Problems

Your water pump is responsible for propelling the engine coolant throughout the cooling system. Any problem with your water pump such as impeller vanes erosion, pump shaft shifting, the loose or broken belt will cause your car to overheat. These issues will deny your water pump enough pressure to propel the coolant throughout the system, which causes engine overheating problems.

If your car overheats, it means it requires immediate attention, and you should get it to the auto repair experts. Full Circle Auto Service offers comprehensive engine service to the residents of Shiloh, Illinois, and we have experienced mechanics that will quickly diagnose engine overheating cause and help you avoid more significant and more expensive auto repair problems.

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