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Important Car Care Tips for Rainy Weather in Lebanon, IL

rainy weather

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Precipitation including rain and snow are things that you will deal with in the Lebanon, IL area during the winter season. However, you do not want to expose your car to them for long periods. This is because rainwater can be slightly acidic by nature, or in some cases can even have a pH level that is as low as 4.2, which makes it corrosive. To combat this, there are several measures that you can take in order to protect your car from the rainy weather.

Driving Tips

Wax Your Vehicle

Prior to ending the winter season and experiencing the rainy weather, consider getting your car properly washed and waxed.  Waxing your vehicle creates a protective coating along the surface of the car.  This helps prevent rainwater from sticking onto it. In the long run, this reduces your vehicle’s risk of water spots and rust. Besides this, it can help keep the shine that your vehicle’s exterior paint can lose over time.

Wash and Dry Your Vehicle After the Rainy Weather

Contrary to popular belief, rain does not do the best job when it comes to washing your car. If your vehicle encounters rainwater, you should make sure to immediately give it a wash and dry once the rain stops. This is because the rain can be corrosive, which you do not want to have sitting on your car for a long time. Besides being corrosive, rainwater can contain minerals and dirt deposits. This means that when it dries on its own, deposits can be left behind. Causing stains and water spots which can be difficult to get rid of.

Check Your Brakes

A properly maintained car braking system is crucial during rainy weather. This is because braking distances on wet roads are usually longer than normal. Therefore, we suggest that you get the brakes inspected by a professional regularly to ensure that your car is properly protected.

hazardous driving

Run Your Vehicles A/C System During Rainy Weather

The air when there is rainy weather is filled with moisture. This can create a temperature difference between eh inside and the outside of your vehicle. The difference causes moisture to condense on your vehicle’s windshield and windows. This impairs your ability to see even further than it already is due to the rain. A way for you to combat this issue is by running your air conditioning system. Doing this can help prevent condensation from forming on your windows, allowing you to focus on the road.

If you need more tips for rainy weather driving or need to schedule a service on your vehicle, our team at Full Circle Auto Service is here to help. Give us a call today!

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