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Checking Your Transmission Fluid in O’Fallon, IL

checking your transmission fluid O'Fallon, IL

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Check your transmission fluid level O'Fallon, IL

Having a car with automatic transmission means it is simple and easy to shift gears. A majority of the cars that you will see on the road in O’Fallon, IL have automatic transmissions. If you notice that your engine hesitates or stalls before it shifts gear, it could be a sign of a maintenance or mechanical issue that will need to be looked at by a professional. One thing that many people forget to check before having their car looked at for this kind of issue is their transmission fluid. Here we want to give a how-to on checking the transmission fluid level in your car.

Getting Started

Before you can check your transmission fluid, you will have to find the dipstick. If you are familiar with the dipstick that is used for checking your oil, it should be very similar, although, this dipstick will be color-coded. The location of the dipstick varies between different makes of cars. If you have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the dipstick can usually be found at the rear of the engine. In front-wheel-drive vehicles, it is usually found at the front engine and sticking out of the transaxle.

O'Fallon, IL checking your transmission fluid levels

Checking Transmission Fluid Level

Now that you have located the dipstick on your car, you are finally ready to check the fluid level. First of all, you want to make sure that your car is in Park or Neutral and that your parking brake is on. Make sure to leave the engine running for a brief moment as you pull out the dipstick to make sure the engine is warm, so you get a more accurate reading on the fluid level. Then, dip your index finger into the fluid on the dipstick and rub your finger and thumb together. Have a look at your fingers and hopefully you should see pink or a red-tinted color on them. Be aware of a burning smell or any particles in the fluid, as this is a sign that you need to have the fluid changed by a local auto repair company in O’Fallon, IL immediately. After you do these things, clean the stick off with a lint-free rag and reinsert it to check the fluid level again. If your liquid is pink but not up to full, you can use a funnel to insert more fluid into the tank, just be sure not to overfill it. When you are done, all you need to do is reinsert the dipstick.

Checking your transmission fluid is a simple process. If you have any issues with your transmission fluid or your transmission itself in O’Fallon, IL, give our team at Full Circle Auto a call today!

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