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Causes of Foggy Headlights in Fairview Heights IL

Foggy Headlights Fairview Heights IL

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Why Are My Headlights Foggy? Tips for Fairview Heights, IL Drivers

The headlights on your vehicle get foggy for many reasons. You may not even be aware of how dirty they become over time. If you don’t take care of the problem right away, you could potentially have it worsen, which could lead to visibility issues while driving. To avoid accidents and injuries, it’s always best to take care of a problem with your car immediately upon discovering its existence.

This short guide helps you better understand why headlights get foggy. It allows you to identify potential ways to prevent it from happening to your vehicle regularly. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll have a better knowledge of your car and some of its parts. You’ll be able to relay the issue that you’re experiencing to the mechanic that services your automobile easier because of what you’ve learned here.

Things That Cause Headlights to Be Foggy

Foggy headlights can be due to several things. You’ll learn some of the more common occurrences because we’ve listed them below for you to refer to regularly. If you suspect that one or more of the problems are present, having your vehicle serviced by a professional mechanic is highly recommended.

foggy headlights in o'fallon il

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle's headlights is to have a dedicated, enclosed parking area to keep it when you're not driving it. A covered carport or parking garage is among the best options. If you do not, however, have that option, investing in a UV-resistant cover for the car also helps a lot.

Oxidation from the Sun
If you park your vehicle outdoors for long periods, the sun's UV rays can cause damage to your headlights. To avoid the issue we mentioned above, park in a garage or put a protective cover around your car when it's not in use. Although it's an expense you may not have found necessary to invest in before today, it's one of the most effective options that you have to choose from currently.

Debris from the Road

If the city doesn’t clean the roads regularly in Fairview Heights, IL, debris can fly up and destroy parts of your car, including the casing around the lights. It’s not something you can avoid easily, but you should be aware that it could cause fogginess to occur in your headlights. Routinely inspecting your car for damage and taking it to a trusted mechanic helps this type of problem from becoming even worse with time.

The Build-Up of Dirt and Chemicals

Dirt and deicer build up in the headlights and cause them to take on a hazy appearance. Paying close attention to the front of your car when you wash it can help prevent the problem from occurring often. Going to a professional car wash and having ‘the works’ done can remove the dirt and chemicals that get baked onto headlights during the hotter months of the year.

Acid Rain

Environmental factors take their toll on your headlights, too. You can count on exposure to acid rain in the form of rainfall and snow to damage them. The EPA notes how harmful chemicals can be on vehicles and their paint jobs and external parts such as headlights.

cleaning foggy headlights in fairview heights il

It's best to have an expert look over your vehicle to make sure that it's in excellent working order before you take off on a long trip. Knowing that you've done everything you can to keep your headlights in excellent condition provides you with peace of mind. You know that they won't be a risk in hazardous conditions if you do need to drive somewhere. You'll have the full strength of your headlights that you can use to see.

Preventative maintenance not only prevents you from bringing your car to the shop for costly repairs. It helps you retain its value and increase its longevity. You'll have a nicer vehicle to drive for longer or even to trade in whenever you need to buy a new vehicle. You'll have a car that looks great because you were mindful enough to have it looked at and serviced often by a professional.

Contact Us With Your Request for Headlights Service Today

If you have no idea why your headlights remain foggy, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us. Full Circle Auto Service has your best interests in mind. We waste no time diagnosing your issue and coming up with solutions to take care of the problem you’re experiencing with your vehicle’s headlights. To reach us by phone and set up an appointment, call 618-624-2272. We’re here to assist you with your foggy headlights right away. Having a full vehicle inspection identifies potential problems that you have with other parts of your car, including its windshield wipers and tires. One visit to us can keep your vehicle on the road longer and with fewer repairs.

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