When should I replace my wiper blades?

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When should I replace my wiper blades? Wiper blades are critical to the safety of your vehicle, and keeping them in good condition is just as important as making sure you have high-quality tires and well-maintained brakes on your car, SUV, or truck. Checking and replacing your windshield wipers should be a part of your […]

What is a serpentine belt, and when should I change it?

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Here’s what you need to know about your car’s serpentine belt When it comes to auto repair and automotive maintenance, many of us are lost. While we may be able to change our oil or rotate our tires, some of the finer points of automotive repair still elude us. When someone says the words “serpentine […]

Does My Car Need an Auto air Conditioning Check-Up This Year?

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Does My Car Need an Auto air Conditioning Check-Up This Year? Now that spring is in the air, you are likely to see signs advertising ‘A/C’ tune-ups at various auto shops around Shiloh, IL. If you haven’t had any service on your auto air conditioning, they make you wonder whether your car needs an auto […]

Top Vehicle Saftey Features You Should Have in Fairview Heights IL

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The Top 5 Safety Features of Your Car Cars have come a long way since Henry Ford introduced his iconic Model T in 1908. Today, car safety features include seat belts, airbags and vehicle lights to help prevent crashes and reduce fatalities. At Full Circle Auto Service in Fairview Heights, IL, our team of licensed […]