• Stay safe on the road this holiday season with these winter driving tips!

    Winter comes whether you’re ready or not. Your job, school, and errands won’t wait for the snow to thaw. Sooner or later, every resident of Fairview Heights, IL needs to take to those icy roads. Here at Full Circle Auto Service, we have put together a list of helpful winter driving tips to help you operate your vehicle more safely in winter weather:

    winter driving tips

    Take care of yourself first

    Driving with more vigilance than normal is crucial when operating in snowy or icy conditions, but you should not only be aware of the surface you are driving on but how you are driving too. Driving when you are in a well-rested condition is a great way to start, as fatigue will make you less able to focus on what you are doing. If you need to stop at regular intervals to rest, the time that you will add to your trip will also add to your safety.

    Be prepared before you turn the key

    There are several preparatory steps that can make your vehicle safer for winter weather. Ensure that your tires are properly inflated, checking them at least once a week if your car does not have an automated warning check. Keep your tank at least half full on your fuel gauge to avoid freezing water vapor in your gas line. Your trunk should be stocked with a safety kit to include tools you may need to change tires, flares/triangles, tire chains, an extra gas can, or anything else that you think you may need if your vehicle is disabled or spins out in the snow. Finally, it is useful to warm up your vehicle before putting it in gear, but be careful not to do so in a closed garage or another non-ventilated area. The carbon monoxide in your exhaust is a silent killer.

    safe winter driving tips

    Adjust your driving to the weather

    When driving you should:

    • Avoid hard braking on icy surfaces
    • Don’t rely on cruise control
    • Look and gradually steer in the direction you want to travel. Avoid jerking the wheel in different directions
    • Don’t forget your safety belt for yourself and everyone in your car

    Did you find these winter driving tips helpful? Winter traveling can be treacherous, and being prepared with preventative maintenance will put you in a position to drive safely this winter. Make an appointment today to get your car ready for winter in Fairview Heights, IL with the help of Full Circle Auto Service.