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  • winter tires vs all weather Are winter tires needed in the Swansea, IL area?

    If you have had to struggle through the bitter winter of Swansea, IL you are probably wondering if there is a way that you can spend less time snowed in next year. Tackling the roads in winter can be daunting, but there is one tool that you may not have used yet. Winter tires are an alternative to chaining up your normal tires and may be just what you are looking for to help beat the winter traffic woes.

    What is a winter tire?

    A winter tire is a specially-made tire that is designed to maintain better traction in extremely cold weather, on snowy roads or on surfaces that have iced over. They usually feature deeper treads and/or metal studs to enhance traction in this weather. It, in general, is made of a softer and more flexible rubber and can handle the conditions of a winter road better than normal or “all season” tires. While these tires may be perfect for inclement weather, they are not recommended year-round as they have decreased performance in dry weather and wear out much faster than normal tires.

    Do I need winter tires?

    winter tires snow chains

    There are some situations that make winter tires ideal for commuters in areas with harsh winters. One of the benefits of a tire change for the winter is that this will make your all-season tires last longer. Driving in winter weather, with skidding or even spinning of the tires, can be extremely tough on the tires. Once the tire mounting of the winter tires is done, you can drive on them throughout the icy season without needing to worry about putting on or taking off chains. A quick tire swap in spring and you are just as prepared for the rest of the year. While you do not strictly need winter or studded tires, they are good to have and may have a positive effect on your driving and certainly will make your vehicle safer to drive in the winter months.

    Are you in the market for winter tires in Swansea, IL? Full Circle Auto Service offers winter tire installation when you need it the most! Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.