• new tire installation in Belleville Illinois Signs that your vehicle needs new tires from a Belleville, IL tire shop

    Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, yet they often get the least attention. Unless something goes wrong with them, such as a blowout or a flat, it is easy to just ignore them. However, the truth is that your tires may need to be replaced sooner than you think. Not all tires make it to their projected mileage change date, and depending on a number of factors they may exceed this projection by a large margin. With that in mind, here are some signs that you may need new tires sooner rather than later.

    Age of your tires

    Even if you have a vehicle that you do not drive every day and its mileage is far below the 30-50,000 miles that the tires are expected to last, they are still under stress every day as they have the weight of a vehicle on them. Even unused tires will need to be replaced  every 6-10 years based on the manufacturer recommendations. If your tires are creeping up on this time frame you may need to consider replacement.

    Pay attention to the climate

    The elements that the tires are exposed to can vastly affect how long they last. Blazing heat, hot pavements and icy roads alike can take a toll on the structural integrity of the synthetic vulcanized rubber that the tires are composed of. Areas like Illinois, that can have miserly cold winters and fairly hot summertime weather may cause year-round degradation of your tires.

    Check the treads

    new tire tread test in Belleville Illinois

    Your tire treads are more than just a measure of how well your tires work, but a virtual lifeline of safety that can be the difference between a safe drive and a horrifying accident. What’s more, driving with insufficient tread may be illegal in your area. It is incumbent upon you to regularly check your tire tread to ensure that it is safe to drive on.

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