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  • Signs your transmission is bad & where to go in Fairview Heights, IL

    Just the idea that your transmission is going to go out is enough to elicit a groan from any car owner. This complicated and expensive component of your vehicle is one of the essential systems and your car might as well not have an engine without a transmission. Whether it is an automatic or manual transmission, there are some signs that you can look out for to address problems with your transmission before they need to be replaced.

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    Keep an eye out for leaking fluids

    One of the tell-tale signs of transmission problems is fluid leaks. While small, slow leaks are rarely a cause for concern they have a way of becoming faster leaks that deprive the transmission of crucial fluid. Transmission fluid is a noticeably bright red color and excessive loss of the fluid from the transmission can make it difficult or even impossible to shift your car into different gears. These transmission leaks can be caused by worn or damaged parts such as seals, gaskets and housings that may be more easily replaced than a transmission.

    Observe all warning lights

    While warning lights have a way of turning on and off inexplicably or inform you of phantom problems, you should always take them into consideration when you are thinking about taking your car in for service. Even if it is not currently lit up when you are taking it to the shop you should let the technician know of any lights that have been activating during operation. There are any number of irregularities and malfunctions that may be causing the lights to come on, but they remain a valuable diagnostic tool to use when checking for transmission problems.

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    Record anything strange

    You know your car and how it should operate. Strange smell or sounds that are not usual for your car could both be signs that there is a transmission problem that needs to be addressed. Any difference in how the car handles or shifts into gear can be a warning that it is time for a transmission service.

    Have you observed any of these signs of a failing transmission? Contact the transmission repair professionals at Full Circle Auto Service in Fairview Heights, IL for an appointment and get your vehicle ready for the road.