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  • replacement brake serviceHow to know when my Swansea, IL vehicle needs brake service

    It is easy to take your brakes for granted because every time you press down on them they work… until they don’t. However, unlike with other non-essential systems in your car, you don’t want to wait until they are broke to consider brake service. The failure of the braking system is usually more gradual than sudden, leaving you in an extremely dangerous situation. With a proper amount of vigilance, it is possible to recognize some of the signs that you may need brake service before tragedy strikes.

    Use what you can see and hear

    brake service new pads

    Most of your braking system is in areas under your car that you may not be able to see very easily. However, at least a portion of your brake pads should be visible. A visual inspection should be able to determine if there is still contact between the outside pad and the rotor as well as how much of the pad remains. If there is less than 1/4 inch of pad remaining this can place the brakes in the danger zone. If you are unable to get a good visual on the brake pad, you may rely on an audio inspection. Listen to your brakes when they engage. Although few brakes are completely quiet, a high pitched noise or screeching noise upon application can be an indication that the brake pads are getting closer to failure and professional brake service is needed.

    Mind the responsiveness of your brakes

    Responsiveness is one of the most important functions of your brakes, as you often may need to brake with very little advance warning. Tapping your brake at average speed should be adequate to reduce velocity, but if you need to sink the brake all the way to the floor in order to come to a full stop at a stop sign you have definite cause for concern. Another warning sign is pulling on your brakes. When you brake, your vehicle should continue in a straight line without pulling your steering wheel one way or the other. Pulling brakes can indicate uneven wear or even a leak of brake fluid on one side.

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