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  • Benefits of tire rotation & balancing for Belleville, IL vehicles

    Tire rotation is one of those things that are easy to forget on your car maintenance schedule. Even those car owners who are always on top of changing their oil can often let a scheduled tire rotation slip their mind because their tires look and perform just fine. However, regular tire rotation is a more crucial process than most owners know. With that in mind, here are four big benefits to keeping up with your rotation schedule.

    tire change and tire rotation

    Extend tire tread life and save money on replacements

    Every tire will eventually need to be replaced, as friction gradually wears down the tread. However, tire rotation goes a long way toward staving off that inevitable replacement. The biggest cause of premature replacement is uneven tire wear, and balancing the wear on the treads is the most reliable way of extending your tire life.

    Improve the performance of your vehicle

    You may notice that as your tires grow older your car loses a little bit of ability to corner on sharp turns or just feels less stable as you drive. Rotating your tires helps to keep the portions of the tires with the most traction in contact with the road rather than parts that have had a greater degree of wear and tear. This is especially important if you find yourself driving in wet, snowy, or icy conditions.

    tire rotation and balancing

    Save money in the long run

    Tires that are rotated regularly and well cared for have the unexpected benefit of saving you a lot of money on the operating costs of your vehicle. Tire neglect may save a little on maintenance costs, but you will see costs creep up in other areas. One of the biggest is fuel efficiency, as your car will burn more gas as it has to work harder to drive the same distance on worn tires. Worn tires also contribute to wear, tear, and damage to other systems on your car such as the drivetrain, transmission, and serpentine belt. A regular tire rotation can save you from having to pony up big bucks for repairs to these costly components.

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