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  • ac system usageIs your car’s A/C system ready for peak season in O’Fallon, IL?

    During the coldest months of the year in O’Fallon, IL you probably didn’t need to give much consideration to the A/C system in your car because you were more worried about cleaning the snow from your windshield and warming your hands in front of the heater. However, with those sweet summer temperatures returning you will be surprised at how quickly your car is going to turn into a greenhouse. When you reach for your vehicle air conditioning knob, are your sure that your A/C system is going to work?

    Know the common problems

    There are many common problems that can keep the A/C system in your vehicle from working as intended after a long period of inactivity. The most common, in climates like Illinois, is a buildup of moisture in the car’s ventilation system. Excessive ice buildup on the compressor throughout a cold winter can also damage the A/C system. If you hear strange noises when you operate either your heating or cooling functions this can indicate that there is something wrong with the fan or another internal mechanism. Some components can break from overuse or may be defective. Idle systems can also spring leaks or become excessively dirty, which can keep the A/C system from performing at an optimal level.

    A close inspection can discover hidden problems in your A/C systemac system check

    If you find that your system isn’t blowing cold air at all or is taking an excessive amount of time to cool the temperature in your vehicle’s cabin, it may be time to get an inspection of the A/C system. This inspection can make sure that there are no problems with the condenser and that the vital refrigerant fluids in the vehicle are at the proper levels. It is recommended that professionals handle these inspections, as familiarity with electrical safety and handling of potentially hazardous chemicals is required for the disassembly and assembly of systems that will be required in the course of the inspection.

    Getting your car ready for summer begins with one call

    If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s auto heating or cooling system, call our AC system experts at Full Circle Auto Service and schedule an appointment before that first heat wave hits the streets of O’Fallon.