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510 S Lincoln Avenue
O'Fallon, IL 62269-2660
(618) 624-2272

Our History

Full Circle Auto Service was established in 1992.

Our roots go back to the days when vehicles used carburetors. We opened business as a carburetor re-manufacturer and performance shop. Withing a few years we transitioned from servicing race vehicles to taking care of the family car.

As we expanded our services, I looked at a pie divided into wedges. Each wedge represented a service we would provide, such as brakes, shocks, struts, alignments, engine repair, diagnostics, and so forth. I wanted to be sure we had the expertise, experience, training and equipment needed to provide each service.

When we felt we had met all segments needed to fully service any vehicle; we had gone “full circle” in auto repair. The name Full Circle Auto Service became a natural choice!

Below is an image of our shop during the early stages.


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